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So what's the story behind the web site? It all started when I got my Chrome Six IIIB, I didn't know this was the model I had purchased and there wasn't any manual with it, so I started looking on the net for a web site where I could find some information on Olympus Six cameras in general. The search results were disappointing as there was no instructions manual to be found anywhere and very little information about the specifications of the range. You see, I had been spoilt by the 'Unofficial Olympus OM Sales Information File' web site maintained by Hans van Veluwen (see 'links') which had become my bible on the OM System, a source of information I still use a lot today.

Willing to spend money on acquiring any documentation, I contacted just about every US and UK dealer selling reprints of manuals and repair guides and, again, my search proved fruitless. So I launched an appeal on the OM list and started emailing various people. Although the specialist nature of my call meant few replies came, the most important result was in obtaining photocopied manuals. Once my first goal had been achieved, I decided that Six users at large could benefit from getting a PDF version.

Originally, I had planned to do a page, simple but functional, to act as a wrapper around the PDF files. However, realising the lack of dedicated info page on the Six and inspired by Hans's work, I decided to build this site as my contribution to the Olympus community. I can only hope this will prove as useful as I planned to make it.
Of course, the site has benefited from contributions and comments. So I would like to say thank you (in no particular order) to:
Japanese Crew
North-American Crew
European Crew
Olympus Japan - PR Dept.
Mark Dapoz
Jaap Korten
Kazuya Matsumoto
Hans van Veluwen
Takahara Minoru
Yaguchi Hiroyuki
And a special mention to John Foster for always willing to help and contributing many pictures.
Copyright Notice:
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