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This is a list of sites containing information on Olympus cameras. Please send any info to webmaster@chromesix.us.tt.
Note: There are many more Olympus sites as diverse as Paul Farrar's on Zuiko lenses, Peter Gilbert's repository of OM documentation or Chris O'Neill's Zuikoholics Anonymous. The URLs for these sites and more can be found at this page where Siddiq lists everything Olympus.
Six and Chrome Six pages
Guide to Classic Cameras Page on the Chrome IVA. Many other models.
Takahara Minoru Six RIIB page Takahara has two Sixes, pretty B&W pictures.
The Classic Camera Six IVA page Good page with pictures.
Yaguchi Hiroyuki Six photos Pictures taken with a Six IIIB.
Pen pages
Biofos John Foster's book on Pen viewfinders.
Camera Quest Pen F-FT-FV page Many pictures, fairly complete.
Olympus Pen RF Yahoo groups list for non OM cameras.
Pen camera gallery Lists the various models.
SubminiSales Place your Pen 'for sale' & 'wanted' ads.
The Half Frame Group All half frames but mainly Pens.
The Sub Club Olympus half frame page Very informative.
OM pages
Olympus OM System lens tests Garry Reese's page on Zuikos.
OM SLR equipment guide Sal Piro's page on the OM System.
OM Trader Place your OM 'for sale' & 'wanted' ads.
The Olympus Mailing List Very active and informative list.
The Olympus M1 info page Mark Dapoz's page on the M1.
The Olympus OM Web Ring Discover what's out there on the OM System.
The Unofficial Olympus OM Sales Info File Hans van Veluwen's bible on the OM System.
Miscellaneous pages
Maitani Fan Chris Lee's page on Yoshihisa Maitani.
Dealers pages - just people who are recommended by the OM list or myself.
Camtech Service - US Get your Olympus fixed by John Hermanson.
Ffordes - UK Number one used dealer for choice and price.
Leather covers for OM cameras - US Snake and lizard leatherettes replacements.
Luton Camera Repair Services - UK They have all former Olympus UK stocks.
MXV - UK Number two used dealer for choice and price.
Micro-Tools - US & EU All sorts of camera repairs tools.
Wide Angle - NL Jaap Korten sells Olympus gear.